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Thanks, Everyone!

Thanks to all your generous support, I have placed as a National Cover Model for National American Miss!

Now it's off to the pageant to compete for other titles!

Welcome to My Site!

Hi, everyone! I’m Kaitlyn Holovacs, I’m seven years old, and I’m the National American Miss Princess Cover Girl for the great state of New Jersey. I have my heart set on competing in the National Pageant for a national title, but I’ll be up against strong competition from very talented girls all over the country. 

A national title would give me a chance to help people in many ways, but especially for my personal cause of raising money and awareness to help those with autism. One such person is my sister Kayla, who I love very much, and I would love for my work to make her life better.

Stay Tuned!

I'm not collecting ads anymore for now, but stay tuned for other ways you can help me out.  After the craziness of the national pageant settles down a bit, I'll be looking for opportunities to support those with autism, and possibly taking online collections to support them.  But for now, check out my service volunteering at the Autism walk below, with a bit of help from my family, including my sister Kayla, and my NAM sister and fellow Cover Girl Jaime.

Kaitlyn Helps Out at the Autism Speaks Walk

(with sister Kayla and NAM sister Cover Girl Jaime)

My old request for ads (Updated video later)

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